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Stepping in to the 23rd Century

This is How A Horse Looks Like In The 23rd Century


                when ever we imagine about your future there are many things we always wonder about. like will there be flying cars, or cyborgs or robots or maybe will we be able to live on the moon. but among all these fantasies did u ever stop to think about a machine that does all the work done by a horse..? anyone’s answer to that would be that it has been already invented as the car. but can you really do all the things with a car? well if you hav’nt already thought about it, this is your chance to actually see a car like that or maybe ride one in the future.

                honda intelligent horse concept was fully made by adapting most of the abilities of a living horse. some of the features in this concept has reminded me about the 80’s hit tv series Knight Rider. because just like “kitt” this honda intelligent horse  has the ability to talk with the driver. and also driver has the ability to give orders to the car. most of all the biggest difference between a live horse and the honda intelligent horse is that this car has 40 legs. each wheel is made with 10 legged shaped metals wheels. the idea of this kind of a wheel is to bring the ability of climbing hills and to make this car all terrain vehicle. this car concept is designed to be builed with the AI technology. so according the honda company, this car would take year to complete beacause of the lack of technology we have in the present.

intelligent horse concept was the company’s this year entry for the LA Auto Show Design competition.the challenge has been going around since 8 years. this year honda team has entered the challenge with many expectations targeting to win. unfortunately Smart 341 Parkour of the Mercedes-Benz  was the winner of the  2011 LA Auto Show Design competition.although if the future turned out to be like a deserted world as in the wild west county’s this concept car would be the perfect ride for a sheriff to catch a bandit.


 in conclusion my personal opinion is to use all the millions of dollars of money that they are going to be spend on this project to preserve the life of the actual living horse. that way the children of the future will have a chance to see a real live horse with their own eye’s.

By – NRJ Perera

  1. December 8, 2011 at 4:07 am

    Great post!

  1. December 1, 2011 at 8:44 pm

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