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Emails From Beyond The Grave

December 10, 2011 Leave a comment

It all started with a sound of beep from the Cassidy woods Phone. when she looked down on her phone she saw that she has received an email from her mother who has been dead for two years.

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Have You Ever Seen A Real Zombie..?

November 17, 2011 2 comments

Amazing Rituals Of Indonesian Toraja Tribe

In the Image  Below is showing an old lady who has died few years ago because of a natural death.  this photo was taken few days ago when the relatives of this lady awakened her from death to move her grave to another location. they have used a traditional ritual of  toraja to bring this women back to life and walked her back to the new grave after cleaning her coffin and changing her clothes to new ones.



In case if your wondering if this image is photoshopped or fake or if this is just another ugly old lady.. well  its not .. once again you may find it hard to believe that this is an actual dead woman walking, but the  people of toraja tribe will surely disagree with you.

Indonesian toraja tribe is a tribe that is based on supernatural rituals and traditions. this incident was just another traditional and a normal ritual they had performed.  Information about this incident and this photo was shared with me by Zee Kurniawati who is a memeber of the toraja tribe.  as an eye witnessed of this incident  she said that this was a only an ordinary day for the people of toraja tribe.

many people  are having a hard time believing incidents like this. but after seeing live proof  like this photo it is a little hard to decline the fact that its possible. personally i dont have any theories about vampires  or werewolves or things like that. but i admit after seeing this image i have definitely changed my mind zombies.


Article By  – NRJ Perera
Special Thanks to  – Zee Kurniawati

Human Cannibals

October 24, 2011 4 comments

these are evidence that there are human cannibals living among us.. it may come as a shock to you but in certain countries its only a normal thing. as disgusting as it seems i have to tell you that these pics are real..


this is a photo showing a human meat seller or you can call him a butcher


This is a lady from phillipines


she has killed many people including her husband and kept their meat in her refrigerator.  she said she enjoyed eating human meat and also she made some of her relatives and guests eat those meat in some parties without their knowledge. they had said that it tastes great.. without knowing the type of meat. they also didnt knew that they were going to be her next victim. she explained all of this after the police captured her..


By – NRJ Perera

Ghosts Are Real…?

October 17, 2011 Leave a comment

These are some of unusual and rare incidents caught on tape.

I’ve  found these videos while browsing Youtube.. im not going to judge and say if these videos are real or not.. i will leave it for you to decide. so weather you believe it or not im sure you will enjoy watching them..

Part 1

Part 2

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YETI is Real

October 11, 2011 Leave a comment

A Group of international scientist’s who gathered in moscow to search on this subject in mountain areas now claims that they have found real evidence of the existence of  a huge hairy creature, so called YETI.


Yeti is also known as bigfoot, sasquatch and many other names and kinds. these creatures are said to be mythological creatures. but with this discovery it has been changed. researchers says that they are 95 percent certain about their theory.  they have managed to find Some possible Yeti evidence in the region including some hair samples of this creature .

“This does not seem to be any more than what you hear about from weekend excursions in North America that go out, discovering some hair of undetermined origin, calling it ‘Bigfoot hair,’ then locating some broken branches and piled trees, saying it was made by Bigfoot, and finding footprints that look like Sasquatch tracks,” said Loren Coleman, director of theInternational Cryptozoology Museum in Portland, Maine



An alleged footprint of a Yeti, or Abominable Snowman, appears in snow near Mount Everest in 1951. Now, scientists are setting out to find evidence of a reported unknown, hairy, bipedal creature known as the Siberian Snowman.




A film still shows what former rodeo rider Roger Patterson said is the American version of the Abominable Snowman. He said pictures of the creature, estimated at 7 1/2 feet tall, were taken northeast of Eureka, Calif., in October 1967. Click through this gallery to see recent evidence for the existence of Bigfoot.



Via – huffingtonpost
By – Roshan Perera

Truth Behind The Roswell Incident..?

September 24, 2011 2 comments

Do u Believe..???

Whenever we look at the night sky everyone of us always wonders about if there can be another life in this huge endless space.. ?
because along our Long history, there has been several paranormal incidents that caught our attention.. Most importantly the UFO Crash at the Roswell is one of the major incidents that all of the people always wondered about..

“The Roswell UFO Incident was the recovery of an object that crashed in the general vicinity of Roswell, New Mexico, in June or July 1947, allegedly an extra-terrestrial spacecraft and its alien occupants. Since the late 1970s the incident has been the subject of intense controversy and of conspiracy theories as to the true nature of the object that crashed.” – wikipedia

to this day most people wonders if  it was true or not..but if we consider all the rumors about those very unusual incidents that happened across the globe in the past 100 years, we can put the  Roswell incident to the believable category.

But the most amazing thing is how people still rejects these incidents as a false information or just as a myth while there are lots of evidence to prove that it can be true..

for an example why is the us government still keeping the Area51 as a secret..?
and what is the true purpose of the SETI  (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) Program..?

Flying Saucers Memorandum March 22 1950

Its not a secret anymore.. its just the people doesnt want to believe it . most of them are afraid to think of it.. and other dont want to abandon their beliefs and  only wants to believe in their religion..

Scientists and the Government is always trying to hide the truth . but sooner or later it will be revealed. nothing can be hidden forever…

By – Roshan Perera
This is a video containing some rare images and scenes from 1947 roswell incident –

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