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A Trip To Space

October 24, 2011 2 comments

Is it really worth 200,000 dollars..?

if you ask me that question.. i would say… hell yeah..

as a child i always wondered whats the moon was like..? or just to see our planet from up above.. or only to see the stars from outer space.. well.. if i ask someone in that time people would say its impossible for an ordinary people to go to space…  but now it has became a reality ..  some might say its a reality costing $200,000 for a single person. but i say its still  worth it.. because its one of a life time opportunity. and you can never buy the experience you can get and what you see from out there.

This is only a one little step towards a bright future.. with this kind of developing technology we can say anything is possible. who knows next time we might step on the mars.. or we might discover alien life forms in couple of years.

2.5 hour flight to space, costs each person 200,000 american dollars. and Virgin Galactic already has $58 million on deposit from its  future space tourists. they are planning to start their test flight from 2012. hopefully if i start working on saving some money i might get to go to space in 2100.


By – Nrj Perera

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