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World has lost An Amazing Inventor

October 6, 2011 2 comments

Apple co founder, Inventor and visionary genius Steve jobs has passed away today aged 56, Leaving us alone with all the great next genaration inventions he introduced to the world.  he always made our everyday life easier by making it easy to find music or connect to the internet or even use a pc on the go. and we will remember him in every time we use those brilliant inventions.

he was a great role model  to most of the tech geniuses in the world. he changed the world every year with a new invention.. and he always kept his competition with intel by never accepting  second place. apple company only survived because of him. he was the visionary genius who was behind all the success of the company.. he was the inventor who made all the greatest inventions..  so simply apple has just lost their main processor..  lets hope they have a backup plan.. because without steve now they also have to make the iphone 5 from the scratch..

after contributing his great work for the apple company he left his CEO position about a month ago..  it was a shoking news to  the people around the world. so the news of his death was even more unbelievable for the most of the people. he was suffering from the rare pancreatic cancer.  he knew he only had a limited time.. he mentioned that several times.. he said that knowing about his short time, made him to make the best choices in his life..

As the Apple’s new CEO Tim Cook said : “Apple has lost a visionary and creative genius, and the world has lost an amazing human being”

Rest In Peace Steve Jobs You will always live among our memories as a legendary inventor.

By – Roshan Perera

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