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how technology affects our lives

October 4, 2011 1 comment

Dont be a slave to the technology..

Technology is one of the things in the world that is developing very fast.. day by day its only getting better and smaller. we hear about various news regarding to latest gadgets and equipments everyday. for an example the computer we have today is much faster than the computers we had 10 years ago. so one thing is for sure that the technology is keep getting better.

scientist and inventors are doing whatever they can to make human lives easier by creating these amazing equipment to help people to ease up their everyday work. but while making our everyday work easier we are exposed to many other side effects that can change our lives. obesity is one of the worst things that technology brings to the world. in example today we are  even too lazy to go the library and read a book. instead we use internet to find ebook’s. i agree it is much more easier and faster.. but we never realize that it takes away all the fun it could bring back to us. like walking down to the library, browsing through books, and reading many other books, meeting new people and most importantly  the exercise it brings to your health.

one of the other bad things is how technology effects on people’s social life. after the introduction of the facebook website. people has got addicted to it. and now some people can’t even live one day without logging into facebook. and i do accept that facebook is a good way to learn about other cultures and meet new people across the globe. but people these days are using this opportunity in wrong ways . according to a certain research  facebook  has caused for a big boost of the divorce rates in America. and facebook is also a place that brings freedom to the  sex addicted people. facebook is now a free place that they use for their cruel uses. as a result lots of underage children’s has been fallen victim to those kind of people because of the internet.

when it comes to technology we can use it for lots of good uses. but people need to realize to use the technology only for good things. and parents needs to know that they need to be more careful when they leave their children alone with the computer or a mobile phone. you can never be too careful..

By Roshan Perera

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