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Major Facebook Privacy Changes

December 1, 2011 2 comments

Past few month has been so difficult for  mark zuckerberg, he had to spend so much time in the court because of his new changes to facebook. some companies sued him and also with all the issues of the new privacy changes. it even made the most users to abandon facebook and look for alternative social networks.  without doubt everyone knew that mark suckerberg was selling away all the user private data for companies around the world. so after a investigation held by Federal Trade Commission facebook will soon be on privacy probation


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Facebook Is Not As Secured As You Think.

October 8, 2011 2 comments

Do you use facebook  regularly..?

Do you share Your Photo’s, Videos and Your Recent Activities On Facebook..?

If  so, then this  Article is For You…

According to a new study at Carnegie Mellon University’s Robotics Institute in Pittsburgh showed that it’s possible to find your social security number using only a face recognition software. they have found that just by taking a picture of a person  and comparing it with facebook, it is possible to find lots of personal information about that person. so this means that your identity is not so secured as you thought it might be. also you could be at  risk of fraud, invasions of privacy or worse.

facebook is the most famous social networking site in the world. more than 800 million people uses it everyday. and we never hesitate to share our personal photos, videos or we even share everything we do in real life with our facebook friends. but do you ever stop to wonder what happens  if some fake person in your friends list uses your name, phone number, email for any frauds. it is possible and very easy than you think it might be..  so it time for you to think twice before sharing your personal things with the whole world.

remember facebook is only a web based social networking site dedicated to find friends from all over the world and stay connected with them.. that does not mean that you have to share your whole life with them. so i suggest you to make some restrictions to your facebook account and change your privacy settings immediately and also dont forget to share your posts about your private life only with your trustful and closest friends. with the new updated  facebook friends list it will be easy for you. so start using them for your own good. and be more cautious  when you tag in your friends in your photos. because you will never know a fake person who pretends to be your friend.

By- Roshan Perera

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