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Twitter’s new Features

December 10, 2011 Leave a comment


twitter is still one of the famous social networks in the world. millions of user base of twitter seconds only to facebook. so after the release of google+, twitter has got some competition. now as a  result twitter has decided to spice things up a little with making some big changes to their  interface. most people say that it looks a bit like the facebook’s new timeline design but rather than facebook this design really matches with twitter.

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Google+ – Tips And Tricks

September 25, 2011 Leave a comment


Basics and some useful Tricks for New G+ Users


Google+ or as some people call it “Facebook Alternative” is become more and more popular everyday. according to the latest information currently Google+ has more than 50million users. and its growing everyday. most people choose google+ because its different from all the other social networking sites. and because of that most of the new users finds the G+ interface and features a bit complicated. so we decided to give you some  basic information about the G+ Features and some useful tips on how to find new friends and make you profile popular. after reading this article, we guarantee that you will have a Awesome G+ profile in no time.


What You Need To Know About Google +

First thing you should know about G+ is that you cant send friend requests like on facebook. because in G+ there are only Circles. in the beginning you will have 4 default circles (Friends, Acquaintances, Following, Family ). and don’t worry you can add as many as circles as you want. so if you want to add a friend all you have to do is add them to a circle. and if they accept you or not you will be following them and you will receive all of their posts in your stream. also follow famous people like celebrities and writers to stay connected to the latest news about G+.  and be sure to post comments on their posts so people can know who you are and follow you.

second important thing you need to know is you cant send messages in G+. instead you can chat with your friends on a post.  just use a post to talk with your friend by only tagging your friend on the post. just use + or @ mark to tag a friend.  also you can use the hangout feature to video chat with your friends.

Google+ Cheat Sheet (Click to enlarge)


Google+ Tricks


Finding friends in google+ is very easy. there are lots of websites contributed just to find G+ friends. and all you have to do is add your profile to those directories. and list your profile in those websites. and search and follow people with similar interests.
here are some of the useful sites you should know..

Find Friends –


There are also:


Some specific communities:

Women of G+:

Latinos of G+:



if you need more tips to improve your G+  Account, just leave a comment..

good luck.


By – Roshan Perera

Facebook At War Against Google+

September 24, 2011 Leave a comment

facebook seems to be battling hard to keep their throne as the worlds no1 social network while the new born Google+ opens to public users..

few days ago mark zuckerberg the CEO of facebook social network made  another huge changes to their facebook interface without even considering about the complains of most of  the users made about their previous changes . most of the facebook users are not very happy with all these new changes. some users are already leaving the site and searching for alternative’s.

its clear that with the release of  google+ , facebook wanted to make some changes to keep their users stick to their site.. but seems like facebook has failed their attempt. and now most of the users are switching to the newly born google+ website.  All the people are attracted to it because of the user friendly simple interface.

facebook has been adapting most of the google+ features while it was in the development. IE – video chat feature,  new friends listing, privacy changes to user post’s, subscription feature  are  some of those features . so now facebook has most of the feature’s of  google+. but the only difference is things are so much simple and user friendly in google+ while facebook is filled with so much features. most users are starting to compare facebook to myspace. and without any doubt they will be making some more changes to facebook very soon.  sooner or later  facebook will become the other myspace, if they don’t act on this situation and reverse these changes to make facebook more user friendly.


 facebook has been competing very hard to make a challenge to their new rival Google+ clearly they must have been taking precautions because the rival Company Google is already a Legend on the Internet.  but In conclusion our best guess would be that facebook will be losing lots of their users in the future just because of their recent feature updates.

By – Roshan Perera.

A List of Comparison’s between google+ and facebook
(click on the image to enlarge)

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